Hey! Glad you peeked in here!

Here’s a blog that might resonate with you, as it does with me. It’s a fun amalgamation of research, creativity and my own thoughts.

The name ScribeHippie was a very spontaneous conception one lazy afternoon and stuck on consequently not just as a name but rather a conviction. It is compounded of ‘Scribe’ and ‘Hippie’ — Scribe derives essentially from the Latin word Scribere which means ‘to write’ and reverberates with what I love doing . . . And doing so, like a Hippie, in an unrestrained and free-spirited manner on varied topics, taking departure from monotony.

Yet, ScribeHippie aims at covering topics of relevance. It gives you literary compositions on people, health, motivation and life as a whole. So, you might want to subscribe to the newsletter for regular mails.

If you’re looking for a read that is existential, observational and pragmatic, then you should scroll through the blog. From time to time the writings do explore the fictional and ruminative niche. That’s enjoyable too!

Do browse around the blog and read a compilation of write-ups, poems and narratives.

Happy reading!